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vod review

What's This All About?

 VOD Reviews are what the top 1% of League of Legends players do to improve their elo. 

Whether you’re a one-trick pony, hard-stuck or just need a push in the right direction, our League of Legends VOD reviews are designed to get you to learn, master and take control of your soloq games so you can climb to your true potential. 

If you aren’t the 1%, then what are you?

In-Depth Ranked Profile Analysis

Have a master look at your stats. Understand what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong and what you should do next.

Actionable Insights

Get real tips that you can implement literally in your next ranked game.

Build Path Reviews

Not sure about the right build path on a certain champion? My review deep dives into what you are building and what the pros are building, giving you the best build paths in the League.

Next Steps

This isn't just a VOD review, I will give you steps to take and focus on in your future games, helping you stay on track and hit your goals.

Realistic Goal-Setting

I will tell you the rank I think you deserve, and what you need to do to get there. No bullshit.