How to choose your highest-win rate champion pool: Season 12 Guide

How to choose your highest win rate champion pool – Season 12 Guide and walkthrough

In League of Legends, players with defined champion pools win more games. In this article and in the video below, I am going to explain why choosing and sticking to a small champion pool is important and how exactly to do it step-by-step and with a live example (in the video).



Why should we choose a champion pool in League of Legends and stick to it?

You can learn the game faster

A small champion pool means we can focus more on macro improvement and less on micro improvement. When we consistently play the same champions over and over again, our brains develop muscle memory and patterns in the champion’s gameplay, allowing you to intuitively play a champion to a higher level without needing to think about it too much. Skillshots become easier, wave management becomes more efficient and your overall champion performance improves. Because of this, it means as a player we can focus more on the macro elements of the game, the moments that define and decide whether we win or lose.

You will win more games

When you choose the right, personalised champion pool, you give yourself the best chance of winning more games because you are choosing your highest performing champions or the champions with the highest potential to perform for your specific playstyle and situation.

On average, players I coach increase their win rate from 5-10% in their next 50 games after going from an undefined champion pool, to a clearly defined champion pool based on the champions they have their most historical success on.

You will enjoy the game more

When we focus on a small champion pool, we start to enjoy playing the game more because we have a lot more control and understanding over the game. Winning more games and playing champions you like also mean that you will enjoy the game more and tilt less because your performance will be more and more consistent and you will have more control over your gameplay.



How do we exactly choose a champion pool?

There are two main ways to choose your champion pool. You can choose either or do a hybrid of both.

The first way is to use OP.GG and select your highest performing champions in the primary role you want to climb with. To do this, simply switch your stats to ranked only and look at your most played champions on the left-hand side. If you can’t find any champions with a win rate of 55% or higher, look at your previous 20,40 or 60 ranked games and see which champions you’ve had the most success on. From this group of champions, choose one of them as your main and have the others as backups.

Use a champion statistic site such as If you don’t have any high win rate champions, or want to choose a completely new champion pool (not recommended as you will have to start progress all over again), go to and look at the tierlist section. Order it by highest win-rate champion in your primary role and choose 1-3 champions from the top 10-15 highest win rate champions in the meta currently.

Use a hybrid approach. The third way is to use both your OP.GG to build your champion pool and to add a new champion or two to your champion pool to make sure you don’t get bored or you still have an element of learning.