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My name is Jake and I’ve been playing League of Legends as a pro for 8 years. I’ve achieved challenger on KR/EUW/SEA and OCE with rank 1 multiple times.

I specialise in helping players understand exactly what they are doing wrong in games and develop actionable strategies to prevent them from doing them again in order to improve their gameplay and reach their goal rank.




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Great coach and really informative.

I’ve had coaching from a few pro players and it always seemed to be a great session, but after a week or two, it felt like I’d just fall back to where I was and my progress would once against stagnate.

With Rogue, it was different. Not only did he show me what I was doing wrong, he broke down everything that caused the misplay or death before it happened, allowing me to build an internal understanding and to be able to spot mistakes happening before they’d happen.

11/10 recommend if you’re looking for long term results.
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Rogue is insanely good at what he does. In just one coaching session with him, he expanded my understanding of the game in key concepts I thought I knew back to front.

He’s not one of those coaches that is negative or embarrasses you about bad plays but rather helps you understand what you did wrong in a constructive and educational way.

Rogue is also a straight shooter and won’t sell you dreams. He won’t spout BS that you can go from Bronze to Challenger in a season. He knows what he’s talking about and keeps it real.

I’m glad I found Rogue as a coach as even though I’m still a little new to the game, I feel like I’m making really good progress as a player.
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At the start of season 12, I felt lost and couldn’t make any real progress climbing as a botlane carry. I was grinding the game for 6-8 hours not knowing what I was doing wrong, but hoping that more playtime would help me solve it. It didn’t and I only became more frustrated and upset with what was going on.

This is where Rogue came in. I purchased a VOD Review with him and we sat down over Discord and went through a game, play by play. Every mistake made seemed so obvious when I was with him, but I couldn’t see them on my own when reviewing. Not only did he help me see my mistakes, he provided me with practical solutions on how I could fix them in-game as well as what was causing them.
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It's hard to find a good high rank coach without an ego.

I want to go pro and given Rogue currently plays League of Legends professionally, I knew it was a great choice to go with him.

Not only has he helped me understand what it takes to go pro in-game, he has also helped me understand the life of a pro league of legends player and what I need to change and do in my life to do it. I know it's a tough road and will sacrifices will be made, but I hope I can get there one day.


Seven week live training plan

7 x 1 hour weekly sessions
$ 220 One-time purchase
  • Two free sessions included
  • 7 x live coaching sessions
  • Account strategy session included
  • Long-term climbing plan

Five week live training plan

5 x 1 hour weekly sessions
$ 170 One-time purchase
  • One fress session included
  • 5 x live coaching session
  • Brief account overview
  • Future climbing recommendations

One hour live coaching session

1 x 1 hour long coaching session
$ 40 One-time purchase
  • 1x live VOD coaching session
  • Brief account overview
  • Future climbing recommendations
  • Recording included


I coach any and all regions. However, I am an English speaking coach, so I cannot do coaching in other languages.

  1. Pick the session you want.
  2. Pick the time you’d like to have your session.
  3. Use your preferred payment method
  4. Add Rogue on Discord
  5. Come prepared for your coaching session with your desired game/s!


I coach any and all roles from Iron to Challenger. As I currently play professionally as well as play solo-queue daily, I have mastered all five roles and can teach any summoner how to climb in any role with any champion.

I have helped dozens of challenger ranked players in coaching. I also know the most consistent and strategic pathways for lower rank players to climb into Challenger as well as provide advice on how to play professionally and join a pro team.

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We pride ourselves on our awesome discord community of like-minded league of legends players. You can use this discord to talk to our head coach Dylan directly, read more testimonials or ask any question you have about league of legends as well as chat to the rest of the community!

Yes, of course! our head coach is always happy to chat to you one-on-one if you’re looking for advice, struggling with something or not sure what to do next. You can add him directly on Discord with the username: Dylan-LCA#0129 OR you can message him directly from our discord community HERE. is the only league of legends coaching website that actually cares about your rank. We only focus on League of Legends and all our coaching is done by our head coach, Dylan, who has over 10,000 hours coaching experience. Since our inception in 2018, we have coached over 800 summoners and climbed more than 500 divisions, helping hundreds of players reach their goal rank.


Rogue is a world-class League of Legends player.

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