VOD Reviews

Analyse your own games just like the pros.

Every coach and their poro says to improve in League of Legends, you need to review your games, but how the hell do you actually do it?

The truly unique value that my vod review gives you is that you not only walk away with an expert analysis of a game of your choice, but I will also teach you along the way, exactly how to review your own games, giving you a blueprint and step-by-step guide that you can run away with!

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What's This All About?

VOD Reviews are a fundamental learning tool for improving in League of Legends.

The problem is, no-one is teaching the 99% of League of Legends players, how to actually go off and do them themselves.

Grinding soloq mindlessly is no longer an effective and consistent way to climb the League of Legends ranked ladder, summoners must evolve from this and begin to focus on quality over quantity of games.

With my pro game reviews, you choose what you want me to focus on, or I can focus on the key areas I think you need to improve on to master your true potential.

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