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Lesson ONE

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Sooblick (Gold 3) & Comfy (Diamond IV) reviews



Meet Sooblick (Gold III) and Comfy (Diamond IV), two solo-queue players who both got hardstuck in ranks they were unhappy with last season. Through the untiltable course, both players were able to climb to their goal ranks within one season by completing this course and implementing the simple step-by-step framework to control their tilt and improve their performance.

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Jordan, Diamond Mid Laner



Meet Jordan. Since beginning the course, Jordan was able to climb into Diamond from Gold  Over the course of one season. Jordan went from having three accounts perma-banned and constantly raging at the slightest problems, to becoming an untiltable Diamond player who now plays in the top 1% of his region.

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With over 16 modules of content, I will take you through every step of the process to become untiltable, starting from the beginning and giving you a clear, methodical path forward, no matter where you are starting from to climb to your goal rank. If you follow the course step-by-step and complete all the tasks, you will be able to climb to your goal rank and achieve your dreams for League of Legends, no matter what they are.

Each lesson is short, engaging and will improve your gameplay instantly and over-time

By the time you have worked through this course, you will have improved your mindset, rank and quality of gameplay drastically from when you began. Why do I know this? Because I’ve seen 500 other summoners follow the exact same path and it happens every time.

BONUS CONTENT: How to do your own VOD Reviews, tracking your statistics for improvement and creating your own ranked identity 

To be in the top 1%, you need to do what the 99% aren’t doing. Beyond becoming untiltable, this course provides practical lessons with spreadsheets and step-by-step goal-setting templates to not only control your mental, but to control your elo as well for as long as you play League of Legends. Everything you learn in this course will last forever – not just one patch or season.

First Three Lessons Are Free

I am so confident that this course will help you out that I am putting up the first few lessons for free. Even if you don’t purchase the course, just watching the first few lessons has been proven to increase individual win rates by 2-3% – this can mean the difference between reaching Gold IV or Platinum IV over a whole season!

Through This Course, You Will Learn

1. How to deal with ranked anxiety (and how this helps you outside of League of Legends)

2. How to conquer tilt (and how to use this to boost your everyday confidence)

3. The secret to consistent climbing (using a repeatable formula)

4. How to deal with losing in ranked (the average challenger solo-queue players loses 45% of their games)

5. How to do your own gameplay (VOD) Reviews (so you don’t have to pay for coaching for the rest of your life)

6. How to build good habits and break your old ones (just like the pros do)

7. How to create your own ranked identity designed for optimal climbing (allowing you to reach your goal rank and brag to your friends)

8. How to mentally reset in-game (stop tilt as it happens in-game using simple tricks)

9. How to prevent tunnelling (and how this will help you complete tasks inside and outside League of Legends)

10. How to become untiltable (and never get angry at League of Legends again!)

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