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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS COACHING WITH LOLCOACH.ACADEMY is the only league of legends coaching service that has all it’s lol coaching done by it’s head coach, Dylan Poulton. For you to climb and learn in League of Legends, it’s important that your coach develops a strong relationship with you and actually understands your goals. Our head coach will help develop your ranked goals, build a strategy that lasts beyond one coaching session and enable you to climb faster and more consistently than ever before.

SICK OF BEING HARDSTUCK? has stopped over 800 summoners from being hardstuck and climb to their rank goals. Whether you play top, mid, ADC, support or jungle will help you climb ELO. Dylan’s personalised coaching will ensure a plan of attack is developed that suits your individual goals, playstyle and strengths to ensure you’re given the best advice possible.

HOW DOES IT WORK? is the only site you need to go to for League of Legends coaching. From profile reviews, monthly goal setting, one-on-one strategy sessions, Discord coaching community to VOD Reviews and live-game coaching, has everything you need to improve as a player and climb to your goal rank.


At, every league of legends coaching session is done by our founder, Dylan. Not only has Dylan coached over 800 summoners to their goal rank, he has over 10,000 hours experience coaching, something that isn’t offered by other coaching sites. We guarantee coaching that makes a difference and results. We offer live support (just add Dylan on Discord: Dylan-LCA#0129) and he will reply as soon as he wakes up! We have a 100% satisfaction rate as we don’t stop until you are happy with your results. Let us show you what real league of legends coaching is and start getting you the results you deserve today and tomorrow.



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Amazing coach. I've always thought that I was doing great and had no idea why I was losing. Dylan went step by step through the replay on how and what happened. He asked me why did I do this or that. Rather than just telling me what I did wrong, he helped me discover it by asking the right questions and developed specific strategies to fix it that I'm now using.

Dylan also pointed out my weaknesses and how I could improve them. Dylan is a really amazing coach and I would recommend his league of legends coaching 100%.

After's Dylan's league of legends coaching I went from Gold IV 0 LP to Gold III 84 LP in two days and am now well on track to reach my goal rank of platinum this season and Diamond next season.
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First off I'd like to start this by saying Dylan is actually crazy at what he does. In just one review he widened my viewpoint of the game and made a lot of things clearer to me. He's not one of those annoying coaches that spout some bullshit like they'll get you from bronze to challenger. Dylan knows what he's talking about and he keeps it real. Since the very beginning he's been a great guy, he's answered all of my questions and I'm very satisfied with what he's given me. I'm still new to this game so I'm glad I found him, he's an awesome coach.

(side note he is a real person, he isn't robotic like many other coaches out there, you can converse with him, he's got a great personality too)

13/10 Dude's an underrated boomer that uses the word fortnight what else can I say, best coach possible.
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In the middle of season 11, I found myself struggling tremendously with the constant meta changes as a botlaner. There was a point in which I would play league for 5+ hour long sittings not knowing what to do and just plain out coinflip my games. As time went on I became demotivated to play until I decided to search for “League of Legends Coaching” on google.

The moment I clicked onto Dylan’s site I was immediately impressed by his site layout, the youtube channel with amazing content, and later after... the hidden gem discord server. From there on, I purchased my first ever Summoner Profile Review and a couple days later Dylan had sent me a discord message regarding that he had finished my profile review. From the first 40 seconds to the final minutes of the video Dylan talked about the proper plan of getting from Gold 3 0Lp to Platinum. I proceeded to stick with what he had told me and began to see tremendous progress in my game performance.

From the profile reviews to the Solo/Duo VOD reviews, Dylan has allowed me to dominate the rift with eye opening strategies and the proper mindset. I will definitely be looking forward to my next V.O.D. reviews with Coach Dylan!
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I had a vod review with Dylan and it went well. We went over a lot of laning, macro, and proper ability usage that has helped me with my games. I just recently had a 14 win streak and got to plat this season because of it. The greatest thing I like about him was that he didn't tell me to quit playing yasuo like other coaches would. Others would tell me to play annie, but I know I could improve on the game even with playing my champ because that was a champion that I felt comfortable with and put a lot of time in so my mechanics wasn't a huge issue. Instead, he helped with my game decision skills and I started to excell because of it.


Not sure what you need? Chat to me on Discord: Dylan-LCA#0129