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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS is the only league of legends coaching website that actually cares about your rank. We only focus on League of Legends and all our coaching is done by our head coach, Dylan, who has over 10,000 hours coaching experience. Since our inception in 2018, we have coached over 800 summoners and climbed more than 500 divisions, helping hundreds of players reach their goal rank. is the only league of legends coaching site that shows you how to improve based on your own playstyle and personal situation. Whether you want to learn to climb playing the meta or you want to play your own way, we will personalise your coaching experience based on your skill, champion pool, goal rank and many other factors to make sure you are playing and climbing the way you want.

Our head coach Dylan does all paid coaching sessions at This means you will get the same high quality league of legends coaching experience everytime you learn with Once you’ve purchased your session, you will be notified through email and on the next screen on what next steps are. Within 24 hours, Dylan will also be in touch with you over Discord to get to know you better and to find a sutiable time for your session to be carried out.

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We pride ourselves on our awesome discord community of like-minded league of legends players. You can use this discord to talk to our head coach Dylan directly, read more testimonials or ask any question you have about league of legends as well as chat to the rest of the community!

Yes, of course! our head coach is always happy to chat to you one-on-one if you’re looking for advice, struggling with something or not sure what to do next. You can add him directly on Discord with the username: Dylan-LCA#0129 OR you can message him directly from our discord community HERE.

We are always happy to receive coaching applications, however we are not currently intaking any new coaches as we are yet to meet one that meets our criteria for our customers. If you think you can change our minds, please feel free to add Dylan on discord and let him know why you should be a coach at Dylan-LCA#0129

SICK OF BEING HARDSTUCK? has stopped over 800 summoners from being hardstuck and climb to their rank goals. Whether you play top, mid, ADC, support or jungle will help you climb ELO. Dylan’s personalised coaching will ensure a plan of attack is developed that suits your individual goals, playstyle and strengths to ensure you’re given the best advice possible.

HOW DOES IT WORK? is the only site you need to go to for League of Legends coaching. From profile reviews, monthly goal setting, one-on-one strategy sessions, Discord coaching community to VOD Reviews and live-game coaching, has everything you need to improve as a player and climb to your goal rank.


At, every league of legends coaching session is done by our founder, Dylan. Not only has Dylan coached over 800 summoners to their goal rank, he has over 10,000 hours experience coaching, something that isn’t offered by other coaching sites. We guarantee coaching that makes a difference and results. We offer live support (just add Dylan on Discord:┬áDylan-LCA#0129) and he will reply as soon as he wakes up! We have a 100% satisfaction rate as we don’t stop until you are happy with your results. Let us show you what real league of legends coaching is and start getting you the results you deserve today and tomorrow.