how to climb out of bronze:
step-by-step guide

Climbing out of Bronze is hard for two main reasons.

One. The way we play League of Legends isn’t the most effective way to climb. We often don’t have a strategy, we play a wide variety of champions and we often queue up without a real goal. This is a problem if you want to climb out of Bronze.

Two. We don’t know or don’t want to play League of Legends the most effective way. Some people do not enjoy the way you need to play out of Bronze. It’s not for everyone. You may be one of these people. If you get bored of champions quickly, like to play a wide variety of them and are in Bronze, it’s most likely going to be hard to climb out of Bronze. Not impossible, but quite hard and will most likely take you multiple seasons. 

Think about this question. There are two players, one who plays 10 champions in ranked solo-queue and one who one-tricks one champion. Who do you think is going to master their champion pool quicker, improve faster and therefore climb higher in the same amount of time? The player who one-tricks one champion will 99 times out of 100 climb faster than the person trying to learn and play 10 champions over a season. 

Now, problem one can be easily solved with a simple equation. If you use this equation, you will consistently climb in League of Legends. This equation works at all ranks and will work when trying to climb out of Bronze. Only play the champions you have at least a 53% win rate on in solo-queue. If you do this, you will be able to consistently climb as long as you maintain that win rate.

I’d suggest now taking the time to look at your and see how many (if any) of your current champions have a 53%+ win rate.

This sounds simple right, well what are the problems with this and what are the answers to this problem?

“I get bored of the champions I’m good at”

Answer: Well, you either need to accept that it will take longer to climb out of Bronze if you don’t want to play your best champions, or get serious about your ranked goal of getting into silver and beyond and build a ranked strategy that actually helps you climb. Remember, not every person wants to play the way League of Legends should be played to climb the easiest – that’s fine, just make sure you identify if you are this person or not and then re-adjust your ranked goals. It’s very hard to play ranked solo-queue however you want and consistently climb. If this was a viable strategy, you would see most Challenger streamers playing fill and playing whatever champions they want, which they don’t. 99% of these players have a small champion pool or even just one-trick a champion.

“I don’t know which champions I’m good at”

Answer: Find them. The easiest way to find the champions you’re good at is to play a wide variety of champions until you land on a small pool of champions (ideally 2-4 champions in one role) that you enjoy playing. However, make sure you don’t do this in solo-queue, otherwise you run the risk of further destroying your MMR and rank and this will only make it harder to climb out of Bronze. I would suggest either playing flex-queue to test new champions until you find your champion pool of 53%+ win rate champions OR get a new account and have one account for “climbing” and one account for “learning” ranked solo-queue.

On your climbing account, only play the champions you have a 53%+ winrate on. For when you want to try a new role, are bored, titled or want to try a new champion, use your other account.

In my opinion, if you do have a new account that is previously unranked, use this as your “climbing” account as it’s rank is not yet set. This gives you a great shot at quickly climbing out of Bronze in your first 50 games (see below screenshot) and this OP.GG link as an example.

If you can have one account where you only play the champions you have a +53% winrate on, you will eventually climb out of Bronze, it’s only a matter of time.

“I know all this but I don’t want to play League of Legends that way”

Answer: That’s fine, but just make sure you understand the consequences and the added difficulty of climbing out of Bronze with this approach to League of Legends.

You cannot expect to play 50+ champions in one season, have an overall winrate of 49% and expect to climb out of Bronze while blaming bad teammates the whole season.

If you do this, you need to seriously reconsider your approach to ranked solo-queue or accept that this is the way you want to play the game and understand that the results you get from this approach will almost certainly be unaligned with your goal to climb out of Bronze.

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