how to climb out of Bronze

To climb out of Bronze in League of Legends is tough, especially for new players. The three core areas players need to focus on to climb out of Bronze are the following:

1. Making sure you are having fun – Play the role and champions that you have fun, but be consistent. Having fun in League of Legends is essential to climbing. However, there is a limit to how much fun you can have and still climb. My personal recommendation for Bronze players is to main ONE role and have a champion pool of 1-3 champions that they love playing and have at least a 53% win rate on.

2. Focus on your laning phase – Out of the 200+ Bronze players I’ve helped coach to Silver and beyond, 90% of them are losing their laning phase. Laning phase is the most important phase of gameplay in League of Legends. The two key focus areas for laning phase are your cs/min – you should be aiming for roughly 5-7 cs/min and you should be focusing on dying less in the first 15 minutes of the game.

3. Group and teamfight – While it can sometimes feel like a bad play or a fiesta, it’s statistically proven that teams who group earlier and more often have a higher chance of winning in League of Legends. While some games will be over before you ever get to group, make sure that if your team is grouping around an objective like Baron, dragon or mid turret, you are there to help and have influence over the game. Team fights are some of the most decisive moments in the game. If you aren’t a part of them, you lose your control over the outcome of the game.

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Play the role you have the most fun with.

In the current meta, you can climb with every role in League of Legends.

The best strategy to go with when choosing which role to climb out of Bronze with is to pick the lane you are most comfortable on OR the lane you have the most success with. If you’re unsure about what role/champions you’re most successful on, go to and look at your statistics. You can also use mobalytics to look at your performance as well.

The most important tip to remember when trying to climb out of bronze is to just stick to one role and master it. It’s much easier to become a god at one role rather than constantly switching roles and being indecisive when trying to climb.

There are three ways to approach choosing a champion pool when trying to climb out of Bronze in League of Legends

  1. Play the champions you have fun on – this is best recommended for players who want to make sure they always enjoy the game. Usually, if a player enjoys a champion they will also perform better on them, will learn faster and climb quicker.
  2. Play the champions you are good at. Go to and look at your most played champions. Look at your wr%, games played and KDA. The champions with the best numbers across these three metrics are usually the champions you are best at playing. Generally, any champion above a 53% winrate over at least 30+ games is a good champion for you to focus on mastering and playing to climb.
  3. Play the meta/OP champions. This is the hardest option as it generally requires you learning a new champion which can be very difficult and actually detrimental to your climbing, particularly if you’re a new player or haven’t played the champion before. If you use this approach, make sure to practice the champion in flex-queue, on your alt. account or in normal games before bringing it into your solo-queue games on your main.

In my experience, having coached hundred of players in gold, the best strategy is to choose a small champion pool that focuses on a balance between the champion you’re good at and the champions yo enjoy playing.

There is always a synergy between high performance and champion enjoyment, so make sure you keep your champion pool small (3-5 champions) on your primary role, make sure you enjoy playing those champions, and make sure you can actually win games with them!

This is a question that almost no-one asks themselves yet one I ask to all my Bronze players I coach.

Goal setting when aiming for a higher rank is critical because it makes you start to get specific and focus on areas of your gameplay that aren’t up to a Silver elo standard. See the following goals as a general guide for a silver player wanting to become a gold player.

  1. Have a wr of 53%+ across your most played champions.
  2. Have a cs/min of at least 5 for junglers and a cs/min of 6 for top, mid and jungle. This should be across all your most played champions.
  3. Have a KDA of at least 3 across your most played champions
  4. Have a KP% of 50-55% as a jungler, 40-45% as a top laner, 48-52% as a mid laner and 55-60% as a support.

Now, just because you have these statistics, it won’t necessarily mean you will reach gold, HOWEVER, if you are achieving these statistics in Bronze, it proves that you are in fact playing better than the average Bronze player and therefore if you keep that level of performance, you will eventually climb out of Bronze, whether it’s in the next 10 games, 50 games or 100+ games depending on your rank, MRR and consistency.

For new players, climbing out of Bronze in League of Legends can be tough. For people who have been playing at least one season, it’s pretty easy. All they need to do is focus on one role, a small champion pool and having an overall win-rate of 53% in ranked.

Looking to climb out of Bronze? Need some climbing advice? Book your free profile review with our head coach