master your true potential.

Are you stuck in silver elo? Do you struggle with getting bad team-mates? Are you not able to carry your team-mates? Or are you sick and tired of playing League of Legends only to constantly verse smurfs or play with trolls and feeders?

My YouTube Series on How To Climb Out Of Silver is exactly what you need. Climbing out of silver is easier said than done, so please don’t lose hope just yet.

I know exactly what it feels like, to feel hard-stuck, so feel like the rank you are currently at is not what you currently deserve, that’s why I created this How To Climb Out Of Silver YouTube Series.

All of the videos in my How To Climb Out Of Silver Series have live-commentary with them and focus on the key fundamentals of climbing: believing in yourself, playing to your win conditions and not tilting.

Each video in my How To Climb Out Of Silver Series focuses on a key area area of the secrets to climbing in ranked and I play every role in them so they are useful for any and every player.

I hope you enjoy the YouTube series and learn at least one tip that let’s you understand how to climb out of silver!

Good luck on the rift summoners!