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Not your typical League of Legends coaching experience.

Hi, I’m Dylan and I want to be be your League of Legends coach. What I’ve learnt from over 10 years of coaching  800+ summoners is something pretty obvious, yet no-one likes to talk about it. climbing is hard for those who don’t want to make an effort.

Most League of Legends coaches will advertise something along the lines of “Gold to Challenger in two weeks” (an actual ProGuides quote) – but this isn’t the reality. Real improvement and results takes time, consistency and dedication.

In order to truly improve in League of Legends, in order to consistently climb higher and higher each season you also need to have a climbing strategy. It isn’t about “quick wins” or what you can do in a week, it’s about building a climbing strategy that works today, tomorrow and next season.

While the majority of League of Legends coaching focuses on “one-off sessions”, I offer something else: I don’t tell you WHAT to do, I teach you HOW to play the game.

Now, this may seem simple, yet if you’ve ever been coached by a “league of legends coach” you’ll often find yourself being talked down on because they aren’t actually committed to making you play better, they are committed to making you come back for more and spend more money.

What I do is I teach you HOW to play the game. I teach you HOW to improve yourself in a step-by-step formula that works. 

I know this works because I’ve developed this strategy by coaching over 800 summoners.

My goal isn’t for you to keep coming back for more sessions. My goal is to get you to your goal rank in as little sessions as possible. If a league of legends coach cannot tell you everything you need to improve upon in 1-3 game reviews, you are honestly wasting your money. 

I offer three main League of Legends coaching services:

1. OP.GG profile reviews: These are for players who want to understand quickly what they are doing wrong and action it themselves with guidance from me.

2. Game Reviews: Just like a typical VOD/game review, but with a twist. I TEACH you how to review your own games during the session so that you don’t have to keep coming back for more game reviews.

3. The Untiltable Academy: This is my online course that summarises all the lessons I’ve learnt from coaching 800+ summoners into a step-by-step formula.

At the end of the day, how high you climb in League of Legends is up to you. It’s directly based off the work you put in, the consistent playstyle you develop and the effort you put in to continually improve your gameplay.

If you want to realise your true potential and climb to the rank you think you deserve, sign up to the service that best suits you above or feel free to add me on Discord (Dylan-LCA#0129) to develop a more personalised climbing approach based on your specific goals.

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