League of Legends Coaching (that actually works)

We help solo-queue players climb to Gold and above in League of Legends.

Are you tired of being stuck in the same rank in League of Legends? 

Do you want to reach your goal rank and start climbing, while still having fun?

Lolcoach.academy is the only League of Legends coaching experience that builds specialised climbing solutions for every player based on their goals, playstyle and champion pool.

We’ve helped 1,067 League of Legends players climb to their goal rank through affordable and free League of Legends coaching.

Will you be our next Diamond+ player?

Learn how to climb in League of Legends.

Tiers Climbed

Learn how to climb in League of Legends.

Tiers Climbed

1 on 1 League of Legends Coaching

Improve and climb faster with Challenger League of Legends coaching & game reviews.

lolcoach.academy has helped hundreds of solo-queue players climb to their goal rank easily and affordably through affordable league of legends coaching. We develop personalized league of legends coaching solutions for every player we coach. No matter what rank. champion or playstyle.

Whether you are Iron, trying to go pro, or just want to beat your friend’s rank, we will get you to where you want to be through our League of Legends coaching.

League of Legends Coaching Discord

Join our community of League of Legends players.

Join our community of over 600 like-minded League of Legends players. 

With role-specific channels, weekly boot camps and masterclasses, our League of Legends Discord community is everything a player needs to climb to their goal rank.

Talk with our coaches, discover the latest meta and get motivated to play solo-queue.

FREE ADC League of Legends Coaching

We teach ADC's how to climb to Diamond+

lolcoach.academy runs weekly masterclasses and boot camps for ADC’s to reach the top 1% of players in their region. This is one of our most effective League of Legends coaching services we offer.

We’ve helped over 300 ADC players reach their goal rank in League of Legends.

Tell us your biggest problem stopping you from climbing and we will build a dedicated session for it.

How to win more games in League of Legends

Use our step-by-step framework to climb into high elo.

We’ve built a self-paced course based on the exact same 1on1 coaching we’ve given to over 300 League of Legends players to climb to their goal rank.

Save hundreds of dollars on 1on1 coaching and game reviews.

If you want to join 300 other untiltable League of Legends players, click the button below to learn more.

Free League of Legends Coaching

Book your free League of Legends Coaching Strategy Session.

Not sure if League of Legends coaching is right for you? Unsure what difference it can make? Don’t trust us and our results?

Book a free League of Legends coaching strategy session with our head Coach Dylan today and learn everything you need to know about coaching and how it can help you achieve your goals in 15 minutes.

Not sure what you need? Add me on Discord: Dylan-LCA#0129