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Are you sick of bad teammates? Feel like your’re stuck in elo-hell? Not sure why you aren’t climbing anymore?

Let me be your lol coach with my League of Legends Profile Review. Climb to the solo queue rank you deserve to be at in League of Legends and master your true potential with

From CS/min, KDA to win-rates, my League of Legends Profile Review is the next step for summoners who are serious about climbing need to take.

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Climb to the rank you deserve to be at in league of legends.


Personalised league of legends coaching through analysis of your and mobalytics statistics and match history.


League of Legends coaching at its finest. If you're looking for one on one lol coaching advice, book a live fame coaching session.

VOD reviews

Need someone to look over your game replay? Get a personalised coaching session that breaks down your gameplay, identifies your weaknesses and helps you focus on your strengths as a player.

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Do you want to climb to the rank you deserve to be at with incredible insights, data and meta changes?

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