How much is a League of Legends Coach?

League of Legends coaching is generally purchased in one-hour sessions but as coaching programs develop, some coaching sites are creating more personalised and productive coaching sessions than just your typical VOD Review. Some of these include profile reviews, online courses and statistical tracking.

See below for pricing of some of the most popular league of legends coaching services as well as a brief blurb on the pros and cons of each.


 Services available:

  1.  VOD Reviews (one-on-one coaching): 29.99 USD
    These sessions typically last for 1.5 – 2 hours and will include: goal setting, champion pool planning, in-game review and action items to focus on for the next 1-3 months of gameplay.
  2. Profile Reviews: 9.99 USD
    These are pre-recorded sessions sent to a player focused on building a personalised climbing strategy based on their goal rank and champion pool. Founded on statistical analysis using, mobalytics and Riots API system, the profile review is great for players looking for a strategy on how they need to climb based on their personal situation.
  3. Untiltable Masterclass: 29.99 USD lifetime membership is the only league of legends coaching site that actually provides an entire course on how to fix your mindset, set goals and climb to your goal rank in a step-by-step process that can be followed like a recipe.
Below is an example of the type of coaching content supplied by


Fiverr league of legends coaching varies a lot in price and quality can often be quite inconsistent as there isn’t any pre-qualification process to become a coach, basically anyone can become a coach on fiverr and charge whatever price they want.

Unlike most dedicated league of legends coaching sites, on fiverr you will be able to find players who will charge you to play duo-q with them. While not personally recommended, some summoners may find this attractive and the pricing of this coaching service is significantly cheaper but most likely not as good for a player’s long term development and improvement.


Gamersensei is a generalised computer game coaching website which means it has its pros and cons when it comes to league of legends coaching and pricing. 

With such a broad range of coaching services offered for multiple games, it can suggest that not enough time, dedication and thought has gone into their league of legends coaching services which can be noted by their wording on their website that uses generic gaming terms rather than specific league of legends terminology.

Pricing ranges from $19.99 to $198.99 USD yet it can be tough to determine the value you get from the differing tiers of their services as they use quite abstract wording and don’t actually discuss specifics involved in sessions.



Similar to gamersensei, Proguides has also expanded their coaching services to cover a variety of online games, causing the same issues. 

Coaching prices start from 14.99 USD to 25.99 USD. ProGuides also has a monthly subscription service with access to League of Legends courses however most of the content can be found for free on YouTube.

One word of caution with ProGuides is that it’s very NA focused, meaning a lot of the courses and coaches are from NA which can create bias in coaching and limit their content variety. 


Bettergamer is another coaching service that has expanded beyond just focusing on league of legends coaching.

League of Legends coaching price ranges from $12 to $40 an hour.