How To Climb Out Of PLATINUM
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Climbing out of Platinum in League of Legends requires you to be able to compete with the top 3.2% of players in your region.

This means, that in order to get to Emerald for the first time, we need to be better than 97% of the players in our region. 

To put this in perspective, Only 3 in every 100 League of Legends players will reach Emerald. This number is even less if you include all the smurf and multiple accounts high elo players have in Emerald+.

This means, that if you actually want to climb out of Platinum, you need to be serious and put in the work, otherwise you will just end up like 97% of League of Legends players.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know, in a step-by-step format to be able to climb out of Platinum.

In conclusion, climbing out of Platinum in League of Legends is hard. However, after coaching 150 players to Emerald, Masters, Grandmaster and Challenger, here are the seven essential things every player needs to climb out of Platinum.

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The 7 minimum requirements any League of Legends player needs to have to climb out of Platinum are (in order of importance):

1. A win rate of at least 55% in ranked

2. The ability to play at least 200-400 ranked games in a split

3. A strong mentality

4. Champion mastery

5. Ability to close out games consistently

6. Wave management

7. Playing in blocks of three.

See below where I explain all these in more detail.

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1. A win rate of at least 55% in ranked solo-queue

A win rate above 60% is ideal, but not essential. This is the first issue every Platinum player needs to fix if their overall win rate isn’t high enough.

If you currently do not have any champions with a 55% winrate or higher, I’d highly recommend jumping on your smurf and practicing them until you can average at least a 55% winrate over 20-30 ranked games on your smurf. If you currently have a champ pool with some champs above and below 55%, use the same strategy above. Continue to play the 55% win rate champs on your main, but take the below 55% winrate champs onto your smurf.

If you have an overall winrate of at least 55% in ranked solo-queue, then all you need to do is complete step two.


2. The ability to play at least 200-400 ranked games a split.

On average, it takes a League of Legends player 4 seasons to climb to Emerald from when they first start playing. If you aren’t playing at least 200-400 ranked games a split, you will most likely not be able to keep up with the improvement of the players you are competing against.

If you can’t play this many ranked games, it’s still very possible to climb to Emerald if you are platinum 1-2, but if you are any lower, you’d most likely need to average a 60%+ win rate, which can be quite tough to achieve AND maintain across an entire split.

3. A strong mentality

League of Legends is a inherently toxic game. 

If you cannot maintain an untiltable mindset, you will struggle to climb out of Platinum.

The best way to fix mentality is to mute all chat and ally chat in system settings. 

Doing it in system settings will mean you don’t have to manually re-mute everyone every game. You and your team can communicate everything you need to know to win a game through pings. 

If you don’t think you can win games just through pings, then you aren’t ready to be a Emerald player yet. Trust me, I’ve played with chat off for 2 years and recommend all my clients to do the same. Doing this alone, particularly if you are prone to typing, can increase your win rate by 2-4% over an entire split.

Another way to improve your mentality is to focus less on what other players are doing and their performance and focus more on your performance and what you can do. You can’t change what your team-mates are doing, but you can change what you are doing and how you react to certain situations. While not every game is winnable, if you can focus on putting in 100% effort and never being the feeder, you will always climb in the long-run.

Thirdly, you need to get comfortable with losing. The average League of Legends player only wins 50% of their games and the average Challenger players wins 56-60%, means that losing at least 40% of your games over a split is a natural outcome in League of Legends.

The final mentality tip I can give you is to never queue up for ranked solo-queue if you are tilted. Do anything else but play ranked on your main. Switch to your smurf, switch to another game or simply take a break from League of Legends for the day or week.

If you implement these three tips, you can alone average a 3-7% win rate improvement over an entire split. This can be the difference between finishing Platinum III and Emerald IV.

4. Champion mastery

Every Platinum player by now should have a role they main and a small champion pool of 1-3 champions. While most players reach Emerald for the first time one-tricking, it’s still possible with a pool of 2-3 champions – it might just take a little longer.

When I talk about mastery, I am not talking about your in-game mastery points, I am talking about the following: champion match-up knowledge, laning phase, how to play mid game, how to play late game, how to play macro and how to play from ahead and when behind.

Some good indicators for understanding champion mastery is, your average gold difference at 15 minutes (this stat can be found using the free version of Mobalytics).

Another good indicator is your overall win rate across the entire split on your champion. Anything above 55% is a very strong indicator that you have a solid champion knowledge.

The final indicator is your ability to play your champion consistently no matter whether you team is losing, winning or going even.

If you are unsure of your champion mastery or champion pool, book a call with me HERE.


5. Ability to close out games

The ability to read a game situation and understand your team’s win condition AND THEN execute is the most important in-game skill to climb out of Platinum. 

You can be the most mechanically gifted player in the world, but if you don’t know how to close out a game and play to certain win conditions, you will never climb to Emerald.

This is one of the most common issues I run into with hard-stuck players I coach, particularly players that have mechanically intensive champions in their champion pool like Yasuo and Irelia.

6. Wave Management

The second most important in-game ability is wave management. Wave management is usually the key determining factor in whether you win a lane or lose a lane.

The easiest way to improve wave management is with a coach.

If you can’t afford a coach, just search wave management guide in YouTube.

A platinum player should be able to learn everything they need to know about wave management through YouTube, applying it into their games and reviewing their wave management with the replay tool.

7. playing in blocks of three

While not essential, it’s statistically proven that players who play in blocks of three ranked games in a row, climb faster on average. 

Another easy strategy to implement is to never play more than 2 losses in a row. With this strategy, when you take a break, you usually want to get away from your computer for at least 30 minutes to maximise effectiveness.

This strategy alone helps my clients win on average 3-5% more games every split.

Still not sure you can climb out of PLATINUM?

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There is no right answer here.

In the current meta, you can climb with every role in League of Legends.

The best strategy to go with when choosing which lane to climb with is to pick the lane you are most comfortable OR the lane you have the most success with. If you’re unsure about what role/champions you’re most successful on, go to and look at your statistics.

The most important tip to remember when trying to climb out of Platinum is to try to just stick to one role and master it. It’s much easier to become a god at one role rather than constantly switching roles and being indecisive when trying to climb.

There are three ways to approach choosing a champion pool when trying to climb in League of Legends.

  1. Play the champions you have fun on – this is best recommended for players who want to make sure they always enjoy the game. Usually, if a player enjoys a champion they will also perform better on them, will learn faster and climb quicker.
  2. Play the champions you are good at. Go to and look at your most played champions. Look at your wr%, games played and KDA. The champions with the best numbers across these three metrics are usually the champions you are best at playing. Generally, any champion above a 55% win rate over at least 30+ games is a good champion for you to focus on mastering and playing to climb.
  3. Play the meta/OP champions. This is the hardest option as it generally requires you learning a new champion which can be very difficult and actually detrimental to your climbing, particularly if you’re a new player or haven’t played the champion before. If you use this approach, make sure to practice the champion in flex-queue, on your alt. account or in normal games before bringing it into your solo-queue games on your main.

In my experience, having coached hundred of players in Platinum, the best strategy is to choose a small champion pool that focuses on a balance between the champion you’re good at and the champions yo enjoy playing.

There is always a synergy between high performance and champion enjoyment, so make sure you keep your champion pool small (3-5 champions) on your primary role, make sure you enjoy playing those champions, and make sure you can actually win games with them!

This is a question that almost no-one asks themselves yet one I ask to all my Iron players.

Goal setting when aiming for a higher rank is critical because it makes you start to get specific and focus on areas of your gameplay that aren’t up to a Diamond elo standard. See the following goals as a general guide for a silver player wanting to become a gold player.

  1. Have a winr ate of 55%+ across your most played champions.
  2. Have a cs/min of at least 5 for junglers and a cs/min of 7-8 for top, mid and support. This should be across all your most played champions.
  3. Have a KDA of at least 3 across your most played champions
  4. Have a KP% of 50-55% as a jungler, 40-45% as a top laner, 48-52% as a mid laner and 55-60% as a support.

Now, just because you have these statistics, it won’t necessarily mean you will reach Diamond, HOWEVER, if you are achieving these statistics in Iron, it proves that you are in fact playing better than the average silver player and therefore if you keep that level of performance, you will eventually climb out of Diamond, whether it’s in the next 10 games, 50 games or 100+ games depending on your rank, MMR and consistency.

Climbing out of Platinum is hard in League of Legends for three main reasons.

  1. Most Platinum players do not have a ranked climbing strategy. Most plat players do. If you don’t have a “strategy” for how to climb out of Platinum and stick to it, for example, I am going to one-trick Yasuo in the mid lane to climb out of Iron, you will most likely ruin your MMR and destroy you win rate by playing too many roles and champions.
  2. Most Platinum players don’t know what to focus on to improve their gameplay. The biggest areas holding most Platinum players back are their CS/min, laning phase and dying too much. Focus on these three things for in-game improvement.
  3. Tilting and mentality. It’s easy to get frustrated in League of Legends, but it’s easier to climb when you don’t get tilted. Mute all and ally chat in system settings to stop other players tilting you. Never play more than 2 losses in a row in one sitting. If you are tilted, switch from ranked to normals or go on your smurf account.

It is easy to climb out of Iron, once you have the right strategy. The problem is, 95% of players don’t have a strategy to climb out of Platinum. 

Once you create a strategy that allows you to have fun, play the champions you want and maintain a 55% win rate, it’s only a matter of time before you climb out of Platinum.

The easiest way to create this strategy is to pick your most enjoyed role, and pick 1-3 champions with a 55%+ win rate. Once you have this pool of champions, you now need to focus on mastering them and continue to play only those champions until you climb out.

Yes, you can drop out of Iron in League of Legends if you lose enough games in a row. However, you cannot decay out of Platinum. League of Legends rank decay does not occur when you are Platinum. Ranked decay only occurs in Diamond players and up.

Yes you can. Every player and every account has the potential to climb out of Platinum. If you are unsure or don’t believe in yourself or don’t know how to climb out of Iron, book a call with me HERE and I will show you everything you need to know.

Still don’t think you can climb out of Platinum on your own? Let me help.