Aatrox is a melee fighter champion in League of Legends who excels in dealing sustained damage and surviving in fights. To play Aatrox effectively:

Focus on farming and harassing your lane opponent in the early game to gain an advantage and set up for a power spike in the mid game.

Use your abilities to deal damage and sustain your health in fights, and avoid getting caught out of position.

Use your ultimate ability, World Ender, to sustain yourself and deal additional damage in team fights.

Prioritize objectives and focus on taking towers and securing kills to gain a gold and experience advantage.

Stay aware of your surroundings and keep track of enemy champions, as Aatrox can be easily targeted and burst down if caught out of position.

Use your abilities to escape and reposition in fights, and avoid overextending or chasing low-health enemies.

Work well with your team and coordinate strategies to take advantage of your strong damage and sustain abilities.

Build items that enhance your damage output and survivability, such as Death’s Dance, Jak’Sho, Maw of Malmortius, Ravenous Hydra and Guardian Angel.

how to play aatrox: laning phase, early, MID & Late game

Aatrox’s laning phase is all about establishing a lead through three key factors:

1. CS’ing

2. Trading/harassing the enemy

3. Getting early kills

Level 1-5

Aatrox’s early levels are all about manging the wave correctly to maximise your ability to last hit and CS as well as slowly poke your enemy down using your Q’s.
Level 6-11
Aatrox’s post 6 playstyle is all about going all in safely using your ultimate. There are not many top laners who can 1v1 an Aatrox while his ultimate is active. Make sure to time your activation correctly as well as ensure that the enemy jungler isn’t going to gank you before you comit to a kill.

Level 11-18
Post laning phase, Aatrox is all about moving around the map and getting in as many teamfights as possible. It’s important not to split push too much as Aatrox. Although he is a great 1v1 champion throughout the game, with how your ultimate ability works with resets and your ability to do massive AOE damage and CC, you are much more valuable to your team and more likely to win the game if you leave top lane and group early and often. 

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Aatrox’s worst matchups are: Illaoi, Kled, Singed, Shem, Rumble & Yorick.

Aatrox’s best matchups are: Wukong, Jayce, Volibear, Akali & Gangplank.

Aatrox’s best summoner spells are: Flash & Ignite for aggressive lanes, Flash & TP for slow lanes.

Aatrox’ build order is: Doran’s Shield + health pot into Hydra, Jak’Sho and plated steelcaps. Fourth item options include Death’s Dance or Serylada’s Grudge. Fifth and sixth item options include Maw of Malmortius and Guardian Angel.

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