Is Coaching Allowed in League of Legends?

Coaching is allowed in League of Legends. 

Whether you are an amateur or professional, league of legends coaching is an important aspect of League of Legends and it is completely legal. In Riot Games rules, there is no mention of the banning or disallowing of coaching of players even in ranked solo-queue, in fact many players pay coaches to watch them and help their gameplay while they are playing in real-time.

ELO boosting is a service which some League of Legends coaching sites offer but when a player purchases an ELO boost, they often gain no actual knowledge of the game, and only end up getting more anxious about their rank and eventually de-ranking their account back to their previous rank because they cannot compete at a higher skill level than where the system put them.

What is League of Legends Coaching?

Put simply, League of Legends coaching is a process where one player aims to improve the skills, knowledge and gameplay of another by providing direct feedback to the player. The most common form of League of Legends coaching are VOD reviews or game reviews where the coach watches a player in real-time or using League of Legends replay system to watch and provide feedback on their playstyle.

There are many different types of League of Legends coaching and you should ask the coach or conduct your own research before undertaking to make sure you choose the best coach and service suited to your individual goals and needs.

When you choose the right coach, you will learn more in an hour than an entire year worth of playing, so choose wisely and happy climbing!