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Our Discord is currently full of 500+ League of Legends players who are serious about climbing and are looking for free and affordable league of legends coaching.

With free weekly bootcamps, training sessions and 24/7 access to our coaches, we pride ourselves on being the most valuable League of Legends coaching Discord.

Learn everything you need to know and join a community of like-minded League of Legends players.


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I was hardstuck silver 4 about to demote when I decided to join this server.

Got tips from everyone around here. @Coach Sagittarius helped me a lot with my mistakes I really would recommend anyone to buy coaching from him.

This is one of the best League of Legends coaching Discords out there. I have climbed from S4 0LP all the way to G4 in the last month because of this server.
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I just joined the server last week, and I haven't had any live bootcamps yet, but that is someting I'm really looking forward to!

After watching the previous bootcamps, the coaches gave me a lot of insight and ways to think about the game in a way I didn't do, and it really helped me improve my view of the game.

I can't wait to join a live bootcamp and being able to ask questions and get in depth about other topics. Keep up the great work with the bootcamps!
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This is a wonderful discord to be a part of. Those of us who have been here for a long time have contributed to building it into a positive and inviting atmosphere.

We celebrate each other’s victories, and we pick up others in their defeats. No matter what you’re going through, you can come here to have others listen.

Free League of Legends Coaching Discord

Our League of Legends Coaching Discord is one of the fastest growing community for players wanting to climb and get better at League of Legends.

To be honest, most League of Legends Discord servers are cringe or are just so full of dead and irrelevant talk that you get lost, overwhelmed and eventually just mute the server.

We’ve built our League of Legends coaching Discord to be the exact opposite of this.

Everytime you ask a question or talk about how to get better at the game, one of our coaches almost always responds within 24 hours.

Have a question? Chat to our head coach on Discord: Dylan-LCA#0129